Collection: Charmaentie

Charmaentie is a collection of handcrafted ties created by the Vecchione family.

The originality of the idea is due to the placement of one of the charms, which are part of an exclusive series, inside the tie with the innovative patented tuxedo cut. The jewel will therefore not be immediately visible, but kept as a precious asset and revealed only to those who will be able to appreciate its meaning and value.

The Charmaentie logo was born from the idea of ​​Marco Vecchione , owner of the Neapolitan brand Real Luxury, who wanted to combine some international words to obtain a new term, elegant and pleasant in the sound of its pronunciation.

Each small shape wants to represent a theme, such as superstition linked to Neapolitan tradition and culture, the zodiac, harmony and passion and is made with different materials such as gold, 925/1000 silver, coral, mother of pearl.

* The Charmaentie collection is a registered trademark of Real Luxury Merchandising Srl. No reproduction is authorised. All rights reserved.

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